'One million percent delicious. Sophie's whoopies have the X-factor!'

Let's Make Whoopies!
by Sophie Grey  

Following on from the massive rise in popularity for cupcakes in the past couple of years, Whoopies are the latest baking trend - the new cupcake on the block!

But what are they and where did they come from? Imagine two mini sponge cakes sandwiched together, often with a filling and topping, and you have a 'Whoopie Pie'. Thought to have originated in the Amish communities of America (the farmers would open their lunchboxes to cries of 'whoopie! when they saw that their wives had included them as treats) they are now setting a trend in cities like New York and London and are set to take over the rest of the UK.

Sophie's must-have book "Let's Make Whoopies" includes over 70 whoopie and 30 cupcakes recipes. From the classic mini Victoria sponge to a whole range of chocolate and fruit-based whoopies, with sections on celebration and wacky whoopies too - perfect for birthday parties and get-togethers. It even includes Sophie's award winning lemon drizzle cupcake recipe.


"Let's Make Whoopies!"

book by Sophie Grey